George Lucas Educational Foundation

King Middle School

Public, Suburban
Grades 6-8
Portland, ME
  • Assessment

    Developing Confidence Through Delayed Grading

    Giving students time to explore ideas with no immediate grade pressure helps motivate them to be creative and take intellectual risks.
  • Classroom Management

    Fostering Belonging With Classroom Norms

    When students help create their classrooms' rules and culture, they’re more engaged and invested in learning.
  • Brain-Based Learning

    Developing Executive Function With Priority Lists

    Explicitly modeling the process of prioritizing tasks builds students’ ability to organize and manage their time.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Inviting Participation With Thumbs-Up Responses

    A quick assessment strategy replaces raised hands, encouraging more students to contribute by accommodating their different processing needs.
  • Literacy

    Motivating Students With Book Choice

    Letting students choose books to read helps them develop a sense of autonomy and ownership over their learning.
  • Formative Assessment

    Boosting Engagement With Notices and Wonders

    When students make “I notice” and “I wonder” comments on course content, teachers can see what they know—and what they need to learn.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    Knowing Every Child Through Index Card Rosters

    By regularly reviewing students’ behavior and learning as a team, teachers can ensure that every student is seen, supported, and celebrated.

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