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Andrew Marcinek

Director of Technology and Co-founder, Boston, MA

Andrew Marcinek has experience in combining technology and education spanning several years inside and outside of the classroom. Most recently he assumed the duties of Director of Technology at Grafton Public Schools. Prior to that, he served as the Director of Technology for Groton-Dunstable Regional School District and Instructional Technology Specialist at Burlington High School. Previously, he spent seven years as a secondary English teacher and college professor in Pennsylvania. At Burlington, he played a major role in launching a 1:1 iPad environment, organizing the iPad deployment and leading several educational technology professional development events in Burlington and Groton-Dunstable Regional School District.

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  • Education Trends

    Edcamps: Remixing Professional Development

    Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek gives us a personal perspective on how the Edcamp model changed his professional focus, and provides examples of how he's adapted this model for staff, students and community.
  • Professional Development

    Professional Learning Opportunities and the Teachers They Create

    Professional learning is most effective when educators have the option to personalize the experience and communicate meaningfully with other educators who share their focus.
  • 1:1 Implementation

    Myth vs. Reality in a 1:1 Classroom

    Three myths about the 1:1 classroom: it's a paperless environment; all student work happens on devices; and all teachers need to adopt the technology.
  • Classroom Management

    Classroom Management in the Tech-Equipped Classroom

    Successful technology integration includes always having a non-tech Plan B, staying with what works instead of trend-hopping, and minimizing the elements beyond your control.
  • Technology Integration

    Technology and Teaching: Finding a Balance

    Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek provides a thoughtful course correction for teachers facing full-on technology integration, offering three suggestions for focusing on media and balancing it with what students should be learning.
  • Student Engagement

    Ten Simple Strategies for Re-engaging Students

    Blogger Andrew Marcinek shares some ideas for jump-starting a tired classroom. (Updated 01/2014)
  • Open Education Resources

    Open Educational Resources Meet Instructional Design

    To find the best OER, consider the skills you're teaching, how content aligns with standards, ease of assessment, and whether you'll provide an active, creative experience.
  • Technology Integration

    5 Steps for Implementing a Successful 1:1 Environment

    Blogger Andy Marcinek outlines the conditions that need to be in place for a successful 1:1 implementation.
  • Apps

    Top 5 iPad Apps for Teaching Across All Content Areas

    Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek describes the versatility of his five favorite iPad apps and makes a case for using them to replace the dreaded back-to-school shopping list.
  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital Citizenship: Developing a Culture of Trust and Transparency

    Turning a forbidding acceptable use policy into a friendlier digital empowerment guideline can shift your school culture into a more tech-friendly place.
  • Education Trends

    The Path to Digital Citizenship

    Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek looks at the ethical and practical sides of digital citizenship, and suggests a mindful path for teaching the necessary skills in the elementary grades.
  • Technology Integration

    Importance of Collaborative Assessment in a 21st Century Classroom

    Andrew Marcinek shares how collaborative assessment can be applied in a digital classroom.
  • Technology Integration

    The Importance of Digital Citizenship in Social Media

    Blogger Andrew Marcinek reflects on social and digital media integration into the lives of teachers and students.
  • Teacher Leadership

    Classroom Environments: Does Space Make a Difference?

    Blogger Andrew Marcinek starts a dialog about classroom environments; Does space make a difference?
  • Education Trends

    6 Open Educational Resources

    Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek presents his six favorite open educational resources that will introduce you to a wide world of curriculum materials for inspiring your students toward creative exploration and inquiry.

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