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Forest Lake Elementary School

Grades K-5 | Columbia, SC

Downloads and Resources from Forest Lake Elementary

Free tools, reading lists, web links and other resources to help bring differentiated instruction to your school.
Grace Rubenstein
Former senior producer at Edutopia
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Very colorful classroom bulletin board with a robot
Science themes, especially space, permeate Forest Lake Elementary, which partners with NASA as one of 50 NASA Explorer Schools nationwide.

Resources On This Page:



Professional development

Walk-through observation form (


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Teaching strategies

A write-up of best practices from the first-grade team (424K)

Smart ways to use a SMART Board (844K)

Example weekly plan for differentiated lessons - Grade 2 language arts (960K)

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Lesson plans and rubrics

Collaborative unit plan - Blank form (448K)

Collaborative unit plan - Kindergarten seasons unit (628K)

Subject integration wheel for kindergarten seasons unit (220K)

Forest Lake writing rubric (560K)

Forest Lake group PowerPoint presentation rubric (440K)

Example lesson - Grade 2 fantasy writing (1.7MB)

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Example Project: Landforms

Collaborative unit plan - Grade 5 landforms (652K)

Landforms: Rubric for building a structure (244K)

Landforms: Diorama rubric (248K)

Landforms: Individual project assignment (220K)

Landforms: Webquest (656K)

Landforms: Rubric for making a brochure (248K)

Landforms: Multimedia rubric (248K)

Landforms: Storytelling rubric (244K)

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Reading List:

Suggested Reading on Differentiated Instruction

Suggested Reading on Other Topics

Suggested Web Resources from Forest Lake

Here are some of Forest Lake staff members' favorite websites for finding videos, graphics, sound clips, and other assets for lessons.

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Jon Galt's picture
Jon Galt
Volunteer Computer Teacher in 3rd world under-resourced locations

Here are some free resources which you might find useful - Carpe Diem!
(hmmm keeps rejecting as spam,
try replacing "." with "#"
and replace "www." with "web" )

1) Interactive Quiz Creation/testing
HotPotatoes = web#hotpot#uvic#ca

2) Portable Software Applications - no install - run from memory stick
Liberkey = web#liberkey#com

3) Web Content Management System (CMS)
Drupal = web#drupal#org

4) Web Learning Management System (LMS)
Moodle = web#moodle#org

5) Free software with evaluations (no virus)

6) Office suite - Wordprocessing, Spreadsheet, Presenation, Database, etc...
OpenOffice = web#download#cnet#com/OpenOffice-org/3000-18483_4-10263109#html

7) Remoteaccess/support - connect to computer to/from home-school-etc...
TeamViewer = web#download#cnet#com/TeamViewer/3000-7240_4-10398150#html
LogMeIn = web#download#cnet#com/LogMeIn-Free/3000-7240_4-10317491#html

8) Convert PowerPoint into flash video
iSpring = web#download#cnet#com/iSpring-Free/3000-2075_4-10495753#html

9) Convert video between various formats and sizes
Hamster Video = web#download#cnet#com/Hamster-Free-Video-Converter/3000-2194_4-75218449#html
FormatFactory = web#download#cnet#com/FormatFactory/3000-2194_4-10968547#html

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