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Infographic: The Value of a STEM Education

Knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can be the key to a successful future. Here's why a STEM education matters and how you can inspire students to pursue STEM careers.
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Christi's picture

This poster...I need a copy! This graphic helps show what so many are trying to say. I am twenty-five years into my public school education gig and our system of trying to do/teach TOO many things...well it isn't working. If children don't have "peak" experiences with numbers in the primary years--they are essentially lost. We've got to focus people!

ChipN's picture
Board certified STEM HS teacher

I teach remedial high school and night trades school math, primarily. What Christi said.

85% of G1-6 teacher are women with low proficiency in math and numbers theory. That's just a simple fact. The are wonderful teachers, but can only 'teach to the text' in math, which is colossally boring to students, who need imaginative framing and immediate correctional feedback to acquire.

By the time they get to HS, there is an elite cadre of math performers who will settle quickly and pop out calculus problems all period, however they acquired that skill, ...and the rest are 24 miles behind, just like in a marathon, just like in life. It's too late by HS for STEM.

The conclusion is undeniable and irredeemable. We don't need more STEM HS teachers! We need greater math fluency in our teachers at elementary and especially MS levels, but because students are elementary - MS in their mental development, we need imaginative STEM skills at the appropriate grade equivalent, NOT mass rote learning, not South Korea.

nuria g's picture
nuria g
Social Project Entrepreneur

Great visual summary! Is there an updated version of similar infographics now for STEAM (not just STEM)?

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Nuria, I don't believe so, but it's a great idea. I'll pass it along to our editorial team.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Nuria -

Great suggestion. We don't have any plans in the near-term to do a STEAM infographic, but we will be launching a number of blogposts in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned!

Mr.Z's picture

These graphics are really really helpful. I expanded them and showed them to my class! Great job creating them. If anyone ever gets an original copy of this please let me know! I would like to not only post them around my classroom but put it on my website and post around the school. Thanks again, really appreciate it.

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