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Student Engagement: Resource Roundup

Keeping students captivated and ready to learn is no small task. Here's a list of articles, videos, and other resources that offer strategies and advice for keeping them engaged in learning.
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Tips and Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged

  • Igniting Student Engagement: A Roadmap for Learning, by John McCarthy (2015)

    McCarthy discusses key strategies to ensure student engagement including being authentic, introducing units with meaningful launch events, and letting students know what outcomes to expect.

  • The 8 Minutes That Matter Most, by Brian Sztabnik (2015)

    Like a story, lessons deserve compelling beginnings and endings. From pop-culture connections to finishing with a level-up, Sztabnik highlights eight strategies for holding students' attention.

  • Golden Rules for Engaging Students in Learning Activities, by Nicolas Pino James (2014)

    Six key rules for student engagement include making activities meaningful, fostering efficacy, providing autonomy support, embracing collaborative learning, establishing positive teacher-student relationships, and promoting mastery orientations.

  • New Study: Engage Kids With 7x the Effect, by Todd Finley (2014)

    Finley explains why ensuring that students care about the material and that they know how much you care about them is so critical for effective engagement. Plus, Finley presents ideas for short, focused exercises to help students make the most of classroom time in "Bell Ringer Exercises."

  • Planning for Engagement: 6 Strategies for the Year, by Joshua Block (2013)

    High school humanities teacher Block shares the six strategies he's using this year to engage his students more deeply in their learning.

  • How to Keep Kids Engaged in Class, by Tristan de Frondeville (2009)

    Explore ten tactics and activity ideas to increase classroom participation and get students back on track.

  • Find more Edutopia content on this topic on our Student Engagement page, and participate in Edutopia's community to collaborate with others and share tips, strategies, and resources.

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Getting (and Keeping) Students Engaged
Create experiences so students invest in their learning.

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KYHP's picture

I love all of these suggestions! Very helpful!

Andrew_Weiler's picture
Passionate about leading people to be the great language learners they all once were

Engagement is a critical to learning and is VERY different to having interesting lessons. Engagement in fact is a process which requires carefully engineered input and resources as well as constant fine tuning by the teacher to ensure that the learner stays at the "sweet spot", as much as possible. The skilled teacher recognises that this can only happen when the teacher watches and learns from what the learners are doing.
Here is a bit more of an insight into that in the area of language learning -

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