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Illustration showing icons that represent technology and media
Media Literacy

The Future of Fake News

New audio and video software will make media manipulations harder to detect. These essential media literacy questions can help.
Seated on the floor, elementary school children in school uniforms look all in the same direction.
Global Education

Giving Students’ Empathy Muscles a Workout

A new platform helps teachers in different countries connect their classrooms and encourage an appreciation for different perspectives.
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School Leadership

Making Digital Communications Accessible

Tips for making the information schools share with students’ families more accessible for people of all abilities.
A female student looks at a tablet computer with holographic images of data charts floating around it.

Why Student Data Should Be Students’ Data

Students can make gains in taking ownership of their work when they’re given access to their data around that work.
A female high school student works at a computer as other students talk to the teacher in the background.
Curriculum Planning

Why I Teach Journalism in My History Classes

Journalism—the first rough draft of history—reinforces information gathering, effective writing skills, and audience engagement.
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Mitch Resnick and a young boy talk while sitting at a computer.
Education Trends

The Future of Coding in Schools

Mitch Resnick, one of the creators of Scratch, on why he thinks coding should be taught in all schools—it's not the reason you’d expect.
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Buddy Berry looks at a computer with students.
School Leadership

A Small Town School Embraces a Big Vision

A determined superintendent looks to transform student lives in his rural Kentucky hometown.
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Student Engagement

Cranking Teaching Strategies Up to Awesome

“Surprise and delight” is a core student engagement strategy at this school—built into both the instruction and the building’s design.
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Learning Environments

Building a 21st-Century Learning Space

A community raised $6 million to construct an innovative 30,000-square-foot facility complete with makerspaces and learning labs.
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College Readiness

Setting Students Up for College Success

Get a look at a dual-enrollment program that prepares high school students to overcome the obstacles on the path to finishing college.
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