George Lucas Educational Foundation

9-12 High School

Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in grades 9-12.

  • Literacy
    Analyzing whether an ad is misleading or not can be a great way to get students engaged in the study of rhetoric.
  • Literacy
    Poems can be a valuable companion to nonfiction texts for covering rhetoric because of their compactness and vivid language.
  • Game-Based Learning
    Story-driven digital games can drive students to explore concepts like linear and nonlinear narrative, the unreliable narrator, and more.
  • Communication Skills
    Some guidelines for teaching all students to speak credibly and confidently—an essential skill for college and career success.
  • Social and Emotional Learning
    A Nashville high school focuses on using social and emotional learning to build strong relationships and a positive culture—and to improve academic outcomes.
  • School Climate
    In lieu of a more punitive approach, students use restorative practices to resolve conflicts and reflect on their behaviors.
  • Mental Health
    De-escalation spaces allow students to leave stressful situations or interactions so they can process their emotions and then return to learning.
  • Advisory
    Get a peek at daily advisory meetings where students build both literacy and social and emotional learning skills in tight-knit groups.
  • Teacher Collaboration
    Working in small teams, high school teachers offer each other support and feedback for improving in their work.
  • School Climate
    A Nashville high school striving to close achievement gaps is relying on trauma-informed practices and social and emotional learning—and it’s getting results.