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5-Minute Film Festival

5-Minute Film Festival: April Fool's Day!

April Fool's Day has a long history of pranks and hoaxes, both large and small. Check out this playlist of fun videos to get your inner trickster laughing.


April Fool's Day has a long and illustrious history of pranks both large and small -- so much so, that sometimes real news stories published on April 1st get written off as fake. For teachers and students, it can be a chance to blow off some steam. There's no denying that sometimes it can go too far -- which probably makes more than a few educators glad when it falls on a weekend!

Whether you're the type to pull an elaborate hoax on your students or take the opportunity to teach about media literacy and how to identify accurate news stories, here are a few videos to make your inner trickster laugh. Happy All Fools Day!

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Video Playlist: April Fool's Day!

Watch the first video below, or watch the whole playlist on YouTube.

  1. The History of April Fool's Day (02:21)

    Does anyone really know how all this tomfoolery got started? Find out in less than three minutes.

  2. Kids describe their best pranks on April Fool's Day (02:26)

    Absolutely adorable second- and fourth-graders talk about their pranks. Keep your eyes peeled for rubber spiders!

  3. April Fool's: Math Class Shadow (02:14)

    A long-time favorite with over five million views -- a smart and tech-savvy instructor gets creative with his projector.

  4. Best Pranks of the Last 100 Years (04:04)

    Vsauce brings us the best and most high-profile pranks in the last century.

  5. Post-it Note April Fool's Prank 2009 (01:59)

    This one wins for sheer dedication to the cause. What a lot of work for these high school seniors!

  6. Google Hoaxes and April Fool's Day Pranks (02:33)

    Google is known for getting in on the April Fools action with elaborate hoaxes every year. What will this year's trick be?

  7. VIS April Fool's Day FlashMob (02:16)

    I'm completely amazed that all of these students managed to keep still for three full minutes!

  8. April Fool's: Orchestra Practical Joke at Middleton HS (00:55)

    Cost of a cheap throw-away violin: $80. Faces of students when the instructor... watch to find out! Priceless.