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Resources on Mindfulness in Education

Discover how mindfulness practices are being applied in schools, learn about some of the early research on benefits, and explore classroom, school-wide, and after-school strategies and programs.

May 12, 2016
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  • When Mindfulness Meets the Classroom: Read an article that discusses increasing interest in mindfulness programs across various fields, early exploration of educational applications, and critiques and concerns. (The Atlantic, 2015)
  • Teach Mindfulness, Invite Happiness: Discover how paying attention to present-moment experience may help students counteract the negative emotions and low self-esteem associated with a culture of standardized testing. (Edutopia, 2015)
  • Mindfulness in Education, Research Highlights: Although research on mindfulness is still in early stages, studies show that mindfulness holds promise for positive effects on student health, well-being, social skills, and academic performance; read how mindfulness practices may also reduce stress and burnout for teachers and administrators. (Greater Good Science Center, 2014)
  • Can Mindfulness Make Us Better Teachers: Learn about findings from a study that looked at how mindfulness can help teachers not only realize personal benefits but also be more effective in the classroom. (Greater Good Science Center, 2013)
  • "Just Breathe" Original Film: Listen to young children describe their own experiences with mindfulness and noticing their experiences with anger, in this short film by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman. (Mindful Schools)

Explore Ways to Introduce Mindfulness in the Classroom

Implementing School-Wide and After-School Mindfulness Programs

Fostering Educator Wellness and Effectiveness Through Mindfulness

  • Dr. Richard Davidson on Teachers and Mindfulness: Watch a video to learn more about research looking at how mindfulness training can help reduce teacher stress and burnout. (Center for Healthy Minds, 2013)
  • Mindfulness Practice for Teachers: Check out two brief practices based on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction that teachers can use to reduce negativity and avoid burnout. (Edutopia, 2014)
  • Mindful Facilitation in PBL: To help students find their own way in PBL, use mindfulness techniques like tuning into your own body, nonjudgmental observation, and embracing the "don't know" mind. (Edutopia, 2016)
  • One-Minute Mindfulness Strategy: Watch a video about an easy 30-60 second breath exercise that can help incorporate self-care into the days of school leaders. (ASCD Express, 2015)

Resources and Downloads From Schools That Work

Edutopia's flagship series highlights practices and case studies from K-12 schools and districts that are improving the way students learn. Below, find tools used by practitioners, and dive into a real-world example of mindfulness in schools.

Learn about Visitacion Valley Middle School, in San Francisco, California, and the positive effects of a Quiet Time program that was implemented in 2007; read "How to Start a Meditation Program in Your School" to find out more; then, check out a few of this school’s tools:

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