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What Works: In Five Weeks

In just over a month, you can launch a new program or snag critical equipment.
By Edutopia
Edutopia Team
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The month (five weeks, more or less) gets the short end of the stick -- none of the cheers and groans that famously accompany Friday and Monday. Nor does the beginning of one month and the end of another merit the kind of party we accord the turn of the year; we just flip the calendar page and move on. The only things that seem to happen monthly are chores -- irksome ones -- like paying bills, putting flea stuff on the dog, cleaning out the fridge (maybe), and making yet another attempt to balance the checkbook.

But five weeks is a good amount of time to get something started or finish a small project. With any luck (and considerable pluck), you'll find it's about the right span of time for getting a program off the ground or an essential piece of equipment approved, ordered, and delivered. It's also the perfect interval between certain indulgences: dinner with friends, a pedicure, a lazy Saturday kicking back on the couch. By greeting the first of every month with a little ritualistic respect, we give ourselves twelve more chances for bright beginnings through the year.

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