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Antony Smith

Associate Professor in literacy curriculum and instruction from Seattle, Wa

I have worked in education for two decades, as a Transitional Bilingual assistant, classroom teacher, college instructor, and now as a professor. Currently I teach courses in teacher education, research methods, and literacy assessment and instruction. I have conducted research on oral reading fluency and comprehension among native English speaking and English Language Learning students, connections between classroom-based reading assessments and reading comprehension among young adolescent students, and the roles and effectiveness of literacy coaches working with teachers in middle school settings. My current research interests focus on content-area literacy assessment, instruction, and professional development.

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    • Assessment

      Fostering Adaptive Teaching Across Reading Dimensions

      Guest blogger Antony Smith, an associate professor in literacy curriculum, describes his preservice teachers' reflections on the five dimensions of reading with their elementary school buddies, and how this helps them understand adaptive teaching.

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