Service Learning

Learn how to design projects that boost civic engagement in students and help them take initiative to strengthen their community.

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  • Creating a Culture of Caring Through Student-Led Service Learning

    When older elementary students take the lead on community service projects, they gain public speaking skills, leadership experience, confidence—and younger students are more motivated to participate.
  • Engaging Students With Challenge Based Learning

    High school students can participate in hands-on, relevant projects that provide effective solutions to problems in their community.
    Jodie Deinhammer
  • What the Heck Is Service Learning?

    Here's a simple definition for service learning with details and resources for planning a unit.
  • 10 Ready-to-Borrow Project Ideas

    As you consider the following project possibilities, ask yourself: Would this project help my students meet important learning goals? Would my students find it engaging?
  • 9 Dynamic, Hands-On Activities That Immerse Students in Civics

    Civics takes on new life when students have real-world experiences like creating polls or ballots or touring a local government building.
  • Creating Classrooms for Social Justice

    Teach your students about making positive change in the world by connecting with them, discussing real-world problems and multiple perspectives, creating classroom community, and including authentic assessment.
  • Building Empathy Through Community Projects

    Twice a year, students and teachers in Eminence, Kentucky, collaborate for three days on meaningful projects that serve their community.
  • Building a Culture of Kindness With a Day of Service

    When Maryland middle school students spend a day focusing on helping others, they see their own capacity to make a difference in their community.
  • Developing SEL Skills With Service Learning

    Service learning provides a way for students to grow their social-emotional learning skills while helping their community.
  • Benefits of Service Learning for High School Students

    Service learning and volunteering help high school students give back to their community and grow as individuals.
  • Schoolwide Community Service and Volunteering in the Elementary Grades

    Opportunities for service learning and volunteering don’t just help the community around the school—students benefit as well.
  • Resources for Building Community Partnerships

    Learn how schools can benefit from the support and expertise of local businesses, organizations, and individuals, and discover strategies for fostering successful business and community partnerships.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: Teaching Kids about Global Poverty

    Teaching your students about poverty and hunger can be a powerful experience for them. VideoAmy shares a series of videos that explore the issues encountered by four college students who lived on one dollar per day in Guatemala.
  • Empathy in Action: How Teachers Prepare Future Citizens

    Teachers are uniquely positioned to teach empathy, which will help children not only discover personal success, but also contribute to the betterment of society.
  • Using PBL to Teach About Homelessness

    A project-based learning unit on homelessness can provide middle and high school students with valuable information and foster empathy for the unhoused.

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