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Learn about how teachers can effectively support other teachers in professional development, sharing best practices, and improving instruction.

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  • 4 Ways New Teachers Can Make the Most Out of Having a Mentor

    A mentor can be a huge benefit for a new teacher, and these ideas will help you take full advantage of working with an experienced colleague.
    Amie Weinberg
  • How Instructional Coaches Can Use Co-Teaching to Support Teachers

    A matrix based on a teacher’s belief in themselves and their belief in students can facilitate effective instructional coaching.
  • Praise Can Be a Powerful Tool for Instructional Coaches

    Instructional coaches can facilitate effective instruction by giving teachers specific, actionable praise.
  • 9 Questions You’ll Be Asked at an Instructional Coach Interview

    Making the transition to a new role can be stressful, but you can prepare for the interview to demonstrate that you’re the best candidate for the job.
  • Building a Positive Staff Culture Takes Work

    If schools want a strong collegial atmosphere, they need to foster it intentionally—both across the school and on smaller scales.
  • A Strategy for Boosting Student Engagement in Math

    A four-step approach to group work can get students talking and boost their mathematical and metacognitive thinking.
  • A 5 Step Coaching Model for Instructional Innovation

    Changing your staff’s instructional practices is never easy, but gathering teacher input and buy-in can make for a smoother transition.
  • How to Get a Teaching Job in 2021

    We surveyed administrators, instructional coaches, and career counselors around the country for their insights on applying for teaching jobs this year.
  • There’s More to Math Feedback Than ‘Correct’ and ‘Incorrect’

    Teachers can help students master grade-level content by giving feedback that supports independent learning and progress.
  • Adapting an Effective Math Collaboration Activity for Distance Learning

    An instructional coach and math teacher who developed a powerful model for student collaboration have tweaked it for the pandemic.
  • 3 Simple Ways to Use Pre-Unit Assessments to Promote Critical Thinking

    Teachers can tweak popular strategies to assess students’ prior knowledge in order to encourage critical thinking at the same time.
  • How to Use the 5Es in Remote Math Instruction

    A five-stage instructional model—engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate—can guide students to a deeper understanding of math.
  • A Sustainability Strategy for New Teachers

    To help offset the stress of teaching and make it a viable career in the long term, new teachers need a plan—this year more than ever.
  • A Collaborative Model for PD

    Immediate application and feedback go a long way toward ensuring that professional development has its intended impact.
  • 4 Tips for Instructional Coaches

    Help new and veteran teachers improve their practice by implementing a few simple strategies.

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