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Instructional Coaching

Learn about how teachers can effectively support other teachers in professional development, sharing best practices, and improving instruction.

  • How New Teachers Can Use Evaluation Feedback to Improve

    On their own or with an instructional coach, new teachers can create a data-driven action plan for improving their teaching practices.
    Donna Scarlett
  • A Strategy for Boosting Student Engagement in Math

    A four-step approach to group work can get students talking and boost their mathematical and metacognitive thinking.
  • 4 Tips for Instructional Coaches

    Help new and veteran teachers improve their practice by implementing a few simple strategies.
  • Using Video for Professional Development

    When teachers film themselves in the classroom, it helps them reflect on and improve their teaching practice.
  • Building a Positive Staff Culture Takes Work

    If schools want a strong collegial atmosphere, they need to foster it intentionally—both across the school and on smaller scales.
  • 5 Relationship-Building Tips for Instructional Coaches

    Building strong ties with teachers is key to being able to support them in improving student outcomes. Hint: Keep some chocolate handy.
  • Coaching the Veteran Teacher

    Guiding teachers who have years of experience takes sensitivity and a willingness to learn from them at the same time.
  • Coaching the Novice Teacher

    Some dos and don’ts for instructional coaches striving to help new teachers make a successful start.
  • How Coaching Can Impact Teachers, Principals, and Students

    Blogger Elena Aguilar shares an excerpt from her recently released book, The Art of Coaching: Effective Strategies for School Transformation.
  • Five Things to Consider Before Becoming an Instructional Coach

    School-improvement coach and former teacher Elena Aguilar shares five things for a teacher to consider before becoming an instructional coach.
  • Making Technology Work

    See how a high school integrated technology in teaching with the help of an instructional coach.
  • Getting Comfortable With Saying No

    Turning down a new responsibility at work can be tough, but an instructional coach has some advice for how to do it.
  • Launch Video Classroom Observations With New Toolkit

    A new toolkit from Harvard University’s Center for Education Policy Research provides resources to help educators leverage video observations in school communities to improve teacher practice and student learning.
  • Effective Team Communication: A First Step to Getting Along

    Teacher teams can take a big step toward effective communication by naming what they want to hear and see in group conversations and what they don't want to hear and see.
  • Tips for Coaching Teacher Teams

    Check out these tips and sage advice on how to guide a team of teachers and facilitate professional development.

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