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Mary Davenport

English Teacher in Brazil

Since I was “that” kid who played school, complete with daily worksheets and chalky hands, I am an educator by birth—it’s who I am at the core. As a lover of words and stories, I strive to use language as a method of empowering my students to empower themselves. A proponent of social justice, I taught language arts for a decade in at-risk schools around Denver. In pursuit of a life of adventure and stories outside the American paradigm, I am currently teaching English in an international school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I also believe deeply in positive adult culture as a critical agent of sustainable achievement in schools.

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  • Online Learning

    7 Takeaways From Our Experiences With Distance Learning

    By putting people first and remaining flexible, administrators may be in a position to handle whatever comes next year.
  • Classroom Management

    Kicking Off the School Year With Intention

    Setting aside time for relationship building at the start of school can pay big dividends throughout the year.
  • Literacy

    Transferring Ownership of Writing to Students

    Putting students in the driver’s seat includes having them assess their writing, which also eases the teacher’s grading load.
  • School Leadership

    Building a Positive Staff Culture Takes Work

    If schools want a strong collegial atmosphere, they need to foster it intentionally—both across the school and on smaller scales.
  • Teaching Strategies

    Using Circle Practice in the Classroom

    Circle discussions foster community and intimacy in a classroom, and can serve academic and social and emotional purposes.
  • Student Voice

    Socratic Seminars: Building a Culture of Student-Led Discussion

    Creating and implementing effective Socratic seminars is a multistep process that includes building a classroom community, instilling communication skills, and devising meaningful, reflective assessment protocols.
  • Mindfulness

    Mindfulness in High School

    A teacher shares how she implements daily mindful moments and their positive impact on classroom culture.
  • Teacher Collaboration

    A Weekly Morale Boost for Teachers

    Sending out bumps—emails with compliments shared among staff—is a simple way to spread positivity and increase teacher efficacy.

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