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Teacher Appreciation Week: Giving Kudos Where They're Due

We can't thank you enough, but we'll try.
Edutopia Team
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You might have seen the results of that recent National Education Association survey: Asked what gift they'd most wish to receive from their students, nearly half of teachers polled said a "Thank you" would do the trick. You know what we're going to say here: We should also be showing our teacher appreciation with budget and policy changes. But concrete expressions of gratitude are just one kind. Without intangibles such as respect and admiration, a bigger paycheck and a bit more creative freedom in the classroom will go only so far.

We need a Teacher Appreciation Society. The cliché that teaching should be as widely esteemed a career choice as, say, medicine and law is now entering its twilight years -- it's also truer than ever. Here at GLEF, we try to show teachers our boundless gratitude by publishing stories, guides, and resources we hope will make their days a smidge easier now and then. Well, fine. But today, we add this: Thank you. If we had a whiteboard in front of us, we'd write it a hundred times.

Here are selected articles, blog entries, and poll questions on related to the issue of teacher appreciation:

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