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Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in English language arts.

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  • Teaching the Writer’s Craft With Micro Mentor Texts

    Penny Kittle shares a lesson plan that uses very short mentor texts to foster students’ love of writing and confidence in their work.
    Penny Kittle
  • Bridging Foundational Reading Gaps in Middle School

    An intense program in phonological awareness can help middle school students who are struggling to keep up with reading.
  • Using Movement to Teach Vocabulary

    When students explore new words through movement, they understand them better, retain them longer, and feel more empowered to use them.
  • A Different Approach to Teaching Annotation

    Annotation ‘rules’ can zap students’ natural curiosity, but building a culture of observation encourages them to ask questions.
  • Some Ideas for Using ChatGPT in Middle and High School Classes

    Teachers can use tools like ChatGPT as one strategy in their efforts to teach students how to think critically and write effectively.
  • Phonics Is Critical—but True Literacy Requires More

    To improve literacy rates in the U.S., reading expert Timothy Shanahan says we need to stop looking for silver bullets and instead invest in teaching a much broader range of skills.
  • 11 Ways to Boost Elementary Students’ Spelling Skills

    Elementary teachers can use a variety of strategies and exercises to help students build up their spelling skills.
  • 25 Essential High School Reads From the Last Decade

    We asked members of our community to share recently published novels they would love to have read in high school. Here are your top picks.
  • Using Stories to Support Mathematical Thinking in Young Students

    Children’s books often contain valuable lessons that can help young students begin to think like mathematicians.
  • 4 Reading Strategies to Retire This Year (Plus 6 to Try Out!)

    A look at a few popular literacy practices that shouldn’t make the cut—along with fresh strategies that experienced teachers and literacy experts recommend instead.
  • Things Professional Writers Do That Students Should Too

    Everyone gets stumped when they begin a new writing project—even the professionals. Here are some strategies the world’s best writers use to push past the doldrums and generate higher-quality writing.
  • ‘Speed Booking’ Lets Students Share Book Recommendations

    This fun, fast-paced activity guides middle school students to share their reading recommendations, and it can be adapted to suit a variety of literacy activities.
  • Middle school students reading in class

    5 Ways to Support Students Who Struggle With Reading Comprehension

    These strategies can help students who are able to decode well but have difficulty understanding what they read—and they’re beneficial for all students.
  • Squats, Lunges, and Phonemes

    Adding movement to reading lessons reinforces key concepts and helps fidgety students concentrate.
  • 3 Great Discussion Models for High School English

    These models move beyond Socratic seminars to provide students with authentic, engaging class discussions.

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