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Free tools, guidelines, and activities to help you bring social and emotional learning to children in grades K-6 in your after-school setting.

October 11, 2010
Girls dancing on stage
Photo credit: Grace Rubenstein
WINGS for Kids embeds social and emotional lessons in fun activities. Fifth-grader Preona (from left), fourth-graders Shakayla and Jamara, and third-grader Tamarr take a step dancing class.

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School Snapshot

Wings Program

Grades K-5 | Charlestown, SC
450 | Public, Urban
WINGS serves kids who live in extreme poverty. In the schools where they currently operate:
 97% of the students fall 185% below the federal poverty guidelines 
 Approx. 90% of the children served come from single parent households
 62% of the housing in their service area is rated as poor, deteriorated, or dilapidated
 27% higher unemployment rate than the national average.


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