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KIPP King Collegiate High School

Charter, Suburban
Grades 9-12
San Lorenzo, CA
  • Critical Thinking

    Case Study: Culture at KIPP King Collegiate

    With extended school days, rigorous academic standards, and a firm disciplinary code, expectations are high, but so is the commitment to help every student succeed in school, in college, and beyond.
  • Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking Wins at One KIPP High School

    Suggestions from educators at KIPP King Collegiate High School on how to help develop and assess critical-thinking skills in your students.
  • Critical Thinking

    A Focus on Critical Thinking

    Take a look at a high school that asks students difficult, thought-provoking questions to prepare them for college.
  • Critical Thinking

    Resources and Downloads for Teaching Critical Thinking

    Educators from the Bay Area's KIPP King Collegiate High School and the KIPP network have provided these resources for you to use in your own school.
  • Critical Thinking

    Making Socratic Seminars Work

    Professional development on this discussion technique can be a key element to how effective it is in the classroom.
  • Critical Thinking

    Training Teachers to Teach Critical Thinking

    Professional development at KIPP King includes setting up "fishbowl" classroom configurations, assigning student roles, and other techniques for facilitating successful Socratic discussions.

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