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Alejandro Molina, AfterZone Coordinator

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    Alejandro (Alex) Molina is coordinator of the Providence After School Alliance's Lower South Side AfterZone. He coordinates between Providence public schools, recreation centers, libraries, police, and nonprofit partners to manage PASA's after-school AfterZone budget and resources, plus the ongoing process of building and maintaining working partnerships between after-school programs and other community partners.

    Molina also serves as the link between PASA program providers and PASA's quality-improvement agenda, including quality standards, professional-development opportunities, and partner self-assessment tools, and he works with community partners to manage and implement an online tracking system throughout the AfterZone.

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    Prior to joining PASA, Molina worked with youth in New York City. His background includes program coordination, curriculum development, program design and creation, asset building, and staff development and training. He received a bachelor's degree in sociology from Oswego State University.





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