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Lesson 6: Grant Distribution

Learn how PASA and its partners allocate grants to different program providers for running a community campus system.

January 20, 2009

After-school programs in each AfterZone operate primarily through grants distributed by the Providence After School Alliance and its governing bodies. As discussed in Lesson 2 of this tutorial, PASA and its partners receive the initial funds from private and public sectors, then allocate that money to first-come and recurrent providers who meet certain requirements.

Following is a list of grants awarded to providers, and the process by which grants are distributed. Use the downloadable guidelines and proposals as templates for building grant-allocation funds in your community.


AfterZone Program Grants

AfterZone program grants are distributed to providers that complete an AfterZone Program Funding Application and qualify to run a program within the AfterZone. (Program operation is explained in greater detail in the next lesson of the tutorial.) Each program works towards arts, sports, or skills mastery. The grant funds all activities, staff, and other components that go into running each program.

The grant amount and distribution method are determined by all the overseeing bodies (for example, AfterZone coordinating council and citywide coordinating council, discussed in Lesson 5) in a concerted process based on the grantee's proposal. The AfterZone coordinating council approves a final set of funding recommendations for the AfterZone and gives guidance to the AfterZone manager on negotiating budget and program changes with program applicants. In 2009, PASA has offered grants of up to $5,000 and $2,500 for providers during ten-week winter and six-week spring sessions respectively.

Download the AfterZone Program Funding Application (280KB)


Endorsed Program Providers

Endorsed providers are eligible to add 5 percent overhead costs to their AfterZone program grant. Providers can attain the "endorsed" title if they've run programs in the past, met certain quality benchmarks (such as maintaining minimum enrollment and retention numbers), participate in PASA's quality-assessment process, and completed the Endorsed AfterZone Program Application.

Download the guidelines for applying for Endorsed AfterZone Program Status (236KB)


Young Athletes Sports Grant

These grants supply nonprofit sports and recreation providers with sports equipment or mini cash grants for facilities improvements or for staff development. Providers can qualify by submitting a Young Athletes sports grant application.

Download the Young Athletes sports grant application and guidelines (452KB)



We use these terms throughout this and other PASA lessons:

AfterZone program grants: Grants distributed to providers that offer programs in arts, sports, and skills mastery in compliance with AfterZone requirements.

Endorsed programs: Recurrent AfterZone providers who have maintained certain quality benchmarks in running programs toward arts, sports, or skills mastery.

Program provider: Any organization or person providing activities for children and youth during the after-school hours.

Young Athletes sport grants: Grants distributed to providers that sponsor sports programs.


Key Points

Here are some important factors to consider:

  • After-school programs operate through grants distributed by PASA and its governing bodies.
  • Providers who want to run an AfterZone program must complete a grant proposal, which details the program's intent and funding needs.
  • AfterZone program grants are usually awarded in amounts of $2,500-$5,000.
  • Recurrent providers who meet certain quality benchmarks can become endorsed providers, and receive an additional 5 percent to AfterZone program grants.
  • Young Athletes sports grants supply sports-related programs with equipment or maintenance funds.

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