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A student discusses her work with her teacher.

The Mechanics of Developing a Writer’s Voice

Help your students develop their own voice in writing by focusing on details, word choice, and sentence fluency.
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A circle of people, seated, look towards the center at a smiling woman.
School Leadership

Helping Teachers Thrive

Five ways principals can boost teachers’ resilience in the new year.
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Students and teachers at the author’s school sit at a table to discuss a project.
Project-Based Learning

Using PBL to Meet C3 Social Studies Standards

Project-based learning aligns with and enhances the College, Career, and Civic Life Framework for Social Studies State Standards.
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A young girl chews gum on a school bus.
Classroom Management

Rules and Routines in the Classroom

An argument for keeping hard rules to a minimum.
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Several high school students seated at a table in discussion with an adult.
PBL Planning

Real-World Applications of Classroom Learning

Project-based learning ideas that have your students collaborate with peers around the world and apply their learning to make a difference.
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Illustration showing a microphone with a stack of books and an apple
Professional Development

Best Education Podcasts 2017

Teachers, psychologists, and authors bring you handy tips and big-picture takes on the state of education in these eight podcasts.
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 A high school teacher stands before her students and speaks while they listen.
Back to School

Relationships Matter More Than Rules

Community building in the classroom starts on day one. Try these strategies to begin forging strong relationships.
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Three students discuss work on a computer and a tablet as they build an app.
Coding in the Classroom

The Impact of Student-Created Apps

Building apps teaches teens far more than just computer skills—they also learn social entrepreneurship and gain self-confidence.
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Image of an open book under a question mark written in chalk on a blackboard
Critical Thinking

Generating Effective Questions

Four ways to come up with questions that guide students to engage deeply with class content. Plus: a pop quiz for you.
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A group of young students enjoy snack time in their class.
Social and Emotional Learning

Bite-Size SEL Lessons

Snack time can be an opportunity for social and emotional learning instead of simply a pit stop for hungry kids.
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