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Teaching Strategies

The Value of Role-Play in Teaching Politics

Tips for presenting—and critically evaluating—a variety of political viewpoints in government and history classes.
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Student Engagement

Bring Excitement Into Any Lesson

Increase student engagement with these 10 techniques.
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Student Engagement

#JokeoftheDay Prepares Students for Learning

A simple way to build community and prime students for critical thinking.
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Teacher Wellness

Use the Winter Break to Renew Your Spirits and Sense of Purpose

Tested techniques to help you ease stress and recharge your batteries.
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Education Trends

Education Research Highlights From 2016

A look at the research that made an impact in 2016, from growth mindset in science class to effective stress-reduction strategies for teachers and students.
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Brain-Based Learning

Using Brain Breaks to Restore Students’ Focus

Learn about the science and classroom applicability of these quick learning activities.
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Students present their ideas at the 2016 National Maker Faire.
Maker Education

An Inside Look at an Award-Winning Maker Program

Making turned New Jersey middle school students into teachers for a weekend—and sent some of them to the White House.
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Education Equity

Biased Discipline at My School

A public high school administrator recounts the moment she recognized that her teachers disciplined black and white students differently.
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Diverse students read books.
Global Education

U.S. Math Scores Fall in Global Rankings

The latest PISA rankings show a decline in U.S. math scores, but experts say that focusing on successes at home may be more important.
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Teaching Strategies

Enliven Class Discussions With Gallery Walks

From chalk talks to computer tours, learn how to engage your students in small-group and whole-class discussions.
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