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Collage of film screenshots from We The Voters
5-Minute Film Festival

5-Minute Film Festival: We The Voters

Inspire young people to get engaged with the political process through a timely new film series about the U.S. system of democracy, elections, and governance.
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A male teacher and eight young students are standing in a blue-walled classroom near a projector with planets displayed on it.
Student Engagement

3 Ways to Be Less Boring

To avoid turning into that boring teacher, try waiting longer for student responses, teaching "do not call on me" signals, and enjoying these young people for who they are.
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A female adult with a laptop in front of her is smiling, sitting at a table next to a young boy who is looking at an opened book.
Family Engagement

3 Tech Tips for Parent Newsletters

When using technology to keep students' families looped in, choose the right tool, continuously capture media for newsletters, and make a plan for sharing the information.
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Student Engagement

Motivating the Unmotivated

A simple, no-cost video chat program motivates unruly, disengaged elementary and middle school students through relationships with high school students who demonstrate the value of education.
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Six preteen boys are sitting on brown couches, eating popcorn, and watching a movie.
Education Trends

Revisiting the Question of Violence in the Media

How does real violence in the media such as police shootings and terrorism “bleed” into the world of fantasy violence in games and movies? What can we do about it?
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Image of a book with a pair of headphones attached
Classroom Technology

Using QR Codes to Build a Classroom Audio Library

QR codes can be used to turn the books in your class library into audiobooks, which can help guide your students to their personal literacy goals.
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A male and female adult are sitting next to each other in a library, looking over an opened binder.
Teacher Leadership

20 Tips for New Instructional Coaches

Let the teachers do most of the talking, learn to listen, and stay curious. These are just a few of the tips offered to instructional coaches new to the field.
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Illustration of the hashtag symbol
School Libraries

The Power of a School Library Hashtag

A hashtag can help you create a community within and around your school library, as well as help you widen your reach beyond the school.
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A man helping a girl with her homework the kitchen table
Family Engagement

Family Engagement: Resource Roundup

Explore tips, strategies, and resources to help improve the connection from home to school and expand parent involvement.
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Two female teachers are standing next to each other in a large open room, smiling, looking over papers.
Formative Assessment

Putting the FORM in Formative Assessment

Formative assessment works best when students understand what their learning looks like. Here are some guidelines for making it fun, organic, relevant, and meaningful.
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