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A girl is crafting at the kitchen table beside her mom who is on the phone.
Family Engagement

Parent Engagement in the Digital Age

Communication apps are breaking down barriers that have limited parent engagement in the past.
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A boy looks up at his teacher with a smile.
Teaching Strategies

Making Sure Your Praise Is Effective

Research-backed ideas on how to give meaningful praise to inspire and reinforce positive behavior.
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Students raise their hands in a class.
Brain-Based Learning

How Metacognition Boosts Learning

Students often lack the metacognitive skills they need to succeed, but they can develop these skills by addressing some simple questions.
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A child’s hand scribbling in pen in a lined notebook
Brain-Based Learning

Creating Safety and Attachment for Students With Trauma

Students with traumatic experiences bring those experiences with them to school. These strategies can help foster a feeling of safety.
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Illustration showing a paintbrush, light bulb, and other images suggesting creativity and school

4 Myths About Creativity

A new book argues that everyone can be creative—and that creativity can be taught.
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Stylized illustration of a briefcase composed of points of blue light connected by blue lines
Classroom Technology

11 Essentials for Excellent Digital Portfolios

Guiding your students to get the most out of digital portfolios takes careful planning, and we have ideas to help you get started.
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Middle school students discuss math problems written on a blackboard.
Teaching Strategies

Teaching High-Level Math to Young Students

Middle school students worked through problems beyond their grade level when the teacher didn’t tell them it was high school math.
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Close-up black-and-white photo of a student’s hands as they write in a journal.

Journaling the Old-School Way

In a class where every student has a laptop, there’s still an argument to be made for keeping a pen-and-paper journal.
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Four girls look at a laptop together in class.
Classroom Management

6 Strategies for Promoting Student Autonomy

These techniques foster independence and show students how to help themselves—and their peers—understand and complete tasks.
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A teen girl examines a plant in class.
Project-Based Learning

Using the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals

Project-based learning with these guidelines from the United Nations gives students a local and global focus for their work.
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