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Facing a large monitor, three elementary school-aged boys play a video game.
Social and Emotional Learning

How Gaming Connects to SEL and Career Readiness

Leverage your students’ interests in gaming to build social and emotional learning—skills that will be valuable in their future jobs.
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Two girls work on a maker project.
Maker Education

Digital Shop Class: Fun and Profitable

These students are making things people need and want.
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circle of books from above

Igniting a Passion for Reading

A veteran English teacher on the importance of choice, plus three tactics to keep high school readers engaged.
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A teacher helps students consider the perspectives of others.
Character Education

4 Proven Strategies for Teaching Empathy

Help your students understand the perspectives of other people with these tried-and-tested methods.
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A teacher cooks in her kitchen for relaxation.
Teacher Wellness

Create a Self-Care Plan to Beat the Winter Blues

Try these simple mental and physical exercises throughout the school day to improve your mood.
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A photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Culturally Responsive Teaching

Resources for Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A collection of lesson plans, curricula, and multimedia resources for teaching the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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A child raises her hand during a class.
Communication Skills

Teaching Kids to Move Beyond One-Word Questions

If you’re tired of “why,” use this framework to help your kindergarten students ask specific questions that yield better answers.
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Illustration of many computer and internet devices
Teacher Leadership

2016: The Awesome, the Painful, and the Viral

The past year saw ideas both good and bad spreading ever faster. How can we make our best teaching ideas go viral?
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Two young students discuss a poem.

Digging Deeper in a Poetry Unit

A teacher’s journey from covering the basics of poetry to helping students discover why poems matter.
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An illustration showing an iphone with a news reel coming out of it
Media Literacy

Battling Fake News in the Classroom

See how one educator helps students develop media literacy—a critical 21st-century skill.
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