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Maker Education

Teaching Middle Schoolers to Patent Their Creations

See what the students in one maker ed program learned by working through the patent process.
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A student’s shoes stopped in front of the words Facts and Myths written on ground
Media Literacy

Teaching Why Facts Still Matter

When it seems as though politicians and others can’t agree on basic facts, it’s more important than ever to encourage our students to seek truth.
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Digital Citizenship

How Much Screen Time? That’s the Wrong Question

Instead of obsessing over the quantity of screen time, we should focus on improving the quality of it.
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Several students—both female and male—earnestly raise their hands in a classroom.
Education Equity

Gender Equity in the Classroom

Some ideas on how to minimize gender bias in our teaching practice and curriculum.
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Social and Emotional Learning

Negativity Jammers

Ten techniques that help students control their emotions.
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Image of the covers of the books in the list

20 Indispensable High School Reads

We asked our community which works of literature were must-reads for high schoolers. Here are your top picks.
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School Leadership

‘The Anger Pushed Me Through’: On Founding a School

Jose Luis Navarro, a principal and former California Teacher of the Year, shares his struggles and successes working with disadvantaged students in Los Angeles.
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Excited students discuss their work.
Student Engagement

Encouraging Students to Own Their Work

Bringing choice into your classroom helps you give your students chances to create work that matters to them.
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A teacher and a parent meet at a cafe.
Family Engagement

Home Visits 101

Home visits can be a valuable tool for increasing parents’ involvement in their kids’ education. Here’s how you can get started.
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Growth Mindset

Helping Struggling Students Build a Growth Mindset

Veteran researchers present five strategies—like maintaining success files and allowing choice—to help struggling students develop a positive attitude needed for success.
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