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Critical Thinking

Using Film to Teach Analysis Skills

Bring real-world authenticity to literacy analysis by including movie criticism in your lessons.
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Resilience and Grit

Can Stress Help Students?

Stress might not always be the enemy. Research shows that positive stress can strengthen the immune system, enhance memory and learning, and improve decision-making skills.
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Bullying Prevention

8 Steps to Combat the Bullying Epidemic

Don't wait for the next Bullying Prevention Month. Take steps now, including compassion instead of zero tolerance, community involvement, and cross-curriculum integration (especially the arts).
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Technology Integration

Future Ready: Roadmaps to Tech Integration

Effective tech integration begins with strong leadership, mutual trust among all players and stakeholders, and a logical, sustainable plan.
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Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation Is Just Too Difficult: Myth-Busting DI Part 3

Most teachers differentiate their instruction intuitively because not all students are the same. For those willing to commit to DI, the next step is intentional differentiation.
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3 Strategies for Authentic Race, Class, and Gender Discussions

When discussing potentially divisive issues, create an environment that supports agreement, guide the conversation with thoughtful questions, and actively listen to what others say.
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Applying Mindfulness to Mundane Classroom Tasks

By adding a fun, creative element of focus and stillness to a classroom routine, you can help your students learn to appreciate and practice self-regulation.
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Game-Based Learning

Strategies to Level Up Learning

The platform model of game-based learning resources can help non-gaming teachers vet appropriate classroom games, provide student performance analytics, and include lesson plan ideas.
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Project-Based Learning

Great Displays in the Great Outdoors: Bringing Student Work to Life

With the help of ceramics and QR codes, a student research project leaves the building for all to enjoy outside on the school grounds.
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Learning Environments

4 Tips to Transform Your Learning Space

Attract students to libraries and other rooms of learning by creating agile, inviting spaces with makerspace elements and, most importantly, a community feeling.
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