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An illustration of a hand chained to a smartphone.
Technology Integration

The Insanity of the New Humanity: Put Away the Phone and Be There

In some countries, people interact as humans instead of vanishing into their phones. Vicki Davis suggests that we not let technology take away our humanity.
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Alternative Scheduling

Less Is More: The Value of a Teacher's Time

Teachers could become more effective with their students if they had more time outside of class for planning instruction and grading student work.
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Collaborative Learning

Using Old Tech (Not Edtech) to Teach Thinking Skills

Butcher paper and Post-it notes can help students understand the collaborative thinking that takes place on a shared Google Doc.
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Social and Emotional Learning

Controlling the Power of Words: Teaching Students How to Confront Insults

Instead of surrendering their power to the person who insults them, students should learn why some words are triggers and how to master their own reactions.
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A map of the world, with regions color coded.

Welcoming Immigrant Students Into the Classroom

Since all immigrant children are guaranteed K-12 access under U.S. law, let's build relationships with students and their families, as well as relevant, inclusive curriculum.
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A photo of a female high school student working on a laptop, surrounding by articles.

The Ethics, Hurdles, and Payoff of Advising an Online Student Newspaper

Student journalism has moved into cyberspace, and online journalism advisors need deep experience in the field, as well as cultivating a climate of trust and integrity.
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Teacher Educators

Approaching Racial and Cultural Sensitivity

When approaching issues of racial and cultural tension, teachers must begin by recognizing their own personal discomfort -- because it does translate into their practice.
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Critical Thinking

Digging Into Data: It's Not Just for Math Class

The American Statistical Association, in collaboration with others, aims to introduce statistical problem solving to students starting in fourth grade.
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Common Core

How the Common Core Supports Deeper Learning

The change that the Common Core demands from us is considerable, but it's not radical.
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Graphic of tablet screen with image of parent and child

5 App and Mobile Use Guides for Parents

Matt Davis has curated a list of resources for parents for using mobile devices and apps with children, tweens, and teens.
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