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Media Literacy

Teaching With Web-Based Resources

Web-based teaching starts with identifying and vetting your resources, creating a lesson plan, and developing online handouts that provide information and encourage student participation.
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Cultivating Cultural Assets: An After-School Story

Make every family feel welcome by inviting parents from different cultures to share their language, heritage, and stories in after-school programs.
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Community Partnerships

What Community Engagement in Education Looks Like . . . and Can Do

See how community businesses in one Tennessee school district became heavily involved with local high schools and graduation rates dramatically increased.
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Social and Emotional Learning

It Takes Courage to Make Schools Better

Making one's school better requires honest conversation, and that requires courage. Check out these questions and conversation starters that can be used in faculty meetings or as a professional development activity.
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Professional Development

DIY Professional Development: Resource Roundup

Why wait for formal environments, when there are so many opportunities to learn new skills on your own? We've compiled a list of the best resources for do-it-yourself PD to get you started.
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5-Minute Film Festival

5-Minute Film Festival: 8 Podcasts for Learning

Intrigued by the world of podcasting? This Five-Minute Film Festival features videos, resources, and articles to help any educator get started using podcasts in the classroom as a learning tool.
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Project-Based Learning

In Australia, a School Designed to Excite and Engage

Check out this Australian elementary school that lives up to its vision of being "a place of optimism, excitement, and challenge."
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Character Education

Reel Character: Using Film to Enhance Social and Emotional Learning

By viewing films through the filter of character development, students can understand how traits and mindsets so often influence the choices that people make.
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Student Voice

Increasing Student Voice in Local Schools and Districts

Students deserve a say in running their schools and districts, and board members could easily make room for student representatives to share their wisdom and insight.
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Game-Based Learning

Gamification: Engaging Students With Narrative

Gamify a classroom by introducing a fun narrative, reframing assignments to fit into that narrative, and making students care about the outcome.
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