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Illustration showing a page of cursive with a typewriter, computer, and smartphone

What We Lose With the Decline of Cursive

Technology is gradually replacing cursive instruction—but have we taken stock of what we’re losing?
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Students work together to develop 21st-century skills.
Curriculum Planning

The Skills Colleges and Employers Are Looking For

How to foster the skills your students will need throughout their education and beyond.
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A teacher helps a young girl calm down to deal with a stressful situation.
Social and Emotional Learning

A Toolkit for Students in Crisis

An elementary school assistant principal shares a few ideas for how to help students calm down and regain self-control.
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Illustration of various characters rising out of the pages of an open book
Growth Mindset

Young Adult Novels That Teach a Growth Mindset

Use these novels to teach learning from loss and overcoming adversity to your middle schoolers and high school freshmen.
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Photo of a girl taking a test, with illustrations drawn on the photo

Play as a Test Prep Tool

Use these games built around standardized tests to build engagement and fuel learning.
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An illustration of four book covers connected by lines–1984, Macbeth, The Dead, and The Grapes of Wrath.

March Madness in the Classroom?

Use NCAA-style brackets to get your students passionately debating works of literature—or big topics in any subject.
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Four teachers meeting at a table
School Leadership

The Tough Work of Improving School Culture

It isn’t always easy to shift to a teacher-driven, collaborative school culture—but it is worthwhile. Here’s one way to do it.
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A teacher guides several high school aged students as they sit at easels, painting.
College Readiness

A Career in the Arts? Let’s Get Real

Supporting students who are interested in following this path.
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Illustration of a star with the pi symbol on it
5-Minute Film Festival

5-Minute Film Festival: Celebrate Pi Day!

Find videos, lesson plans, and activities for every grade level here.
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An elementary grade level teacher stands at a table giving instruction while young children are writing.
Teacher Development

New Teachers: Classroom Management Essentials

Four must-haves for creating an effective learning environment.
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