Design Thinking

Week 5: Next Steps

Now that we’ve completed the library challenge, we’ll work to integrate design thinking into our daily practices.

October 21, 2015 Updated June 12, 2012

Section Overview: Framing your Challenge

Now that you’ve been through a design process, you may start to wonder: How do I do this in my own work? There are so many opportunities for design in my school, where do I begin? How much time do I dedicate to working through a design challenge when I’m already so busy teaching? And -- perhaps most importantly -- where would I even begin?

Week Five Overview
  • Read: the overview & watch the videos on this page. This week, we'll bring the fruits of the workshop into our daily lives.

  • Visit: Week Five: Next Steps workspace for further instructions about this week's activity. (Be sure you scroll down past the photo to the Weekly Checklist.)

  • Not yet registered? You need to be signed into the DT for ED Project Room to be able to participate.

  • Be: CREATIVE! How might we use design thinking to transform our classroom, school or districts?

Truth is, defining a challenge is the hardest part and deciding where to start is an act of leadership. It’s where you recognize that there are so many things that you could be working on, but you choose which matters most. Don’t worry though, there’s no right or wrong here –- there is no “perfect” challenge to start with. Try to be strategic in choosing your first challenge; use this as an opportunity to start thinking about the kinds of conversations you want to be having for creating change and making impact in your work. Ideally, you are always in a process of designing something new, and so each time you start a new design challenge, you will be able to leverage experience from the last challenge. In spirit of design thinking, just pick something and get started!

Watch the videos for some inspiration on how you might use design thinking. Then, head over to the Week Five: Next Steps Project Room where the assignments and worksheets will help make this step easier for you.

IDEO Voices: How might you use design thinking?

Week 05 IDEO from Design Thinking for Educators on Vimeo.

Teacher Voices: How might you use design thinking?

Week 05 Teacher from Design Thinking for Educators on Vimeo.

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