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Will Fowler, Programs Director

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Will Fowler is the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco's programs director and the instructional leader for the AFSF's Build San Francisco (Build SF) program.

Fowler is an educator with more than 20 years of experience in the classroom who has received numerous awards for his work with advanced educational technology and curriculum development

As a middle school teacher, Fowler pioneered the use of advanced visualization technology in his social science program, and his students' work has been showcased at a variety of state and national educational conferences. He is the coauthor of two books on the use of technology in the classroom and continues to advance the use of technology in integrated-studies programs.

Will Fowler wants to hear from you.

Use the comment field below to get in touch with Fowler. Posted questions and comments are forwarded directly to program participants. (Scroll down through existing comments first to see whether your question has previously been answered.) You can also reach Fowler through the Build SF site.

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Jon Parker's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Mr. Fowler,

I Jon Parker,
I work at Morgan State University, School of Engineering, in Baltimore, Maryland.

I am working with middle and highschool students assisting with preparation for the Engineering college studies.

I would like to hear more about the outcomes of your programs and program impact assessment.

Further I'd like to evaluate a systemic integration of your best practices. It would be interesting to discuss what limits you have found and pursue the areas that you have not yet traveled.

Please drop a line. I would love to spend some time in SF assisting you and learning from you with an eye on implementing similar activities in the Baltimore City Public School system.

Thank you

Jon Parker

Daniel R.'s picture

Hello, Mr. Fowler,

I work as a counselor for the district.

My inquiry is in regards to how a child gets referred to your program? Can I make the referral and have his mother meet with one of your staff? How does it work?

Daniel R.

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