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Summer Professional Development Blog Series

Learn more about project-based learning, classroom management techniques, how to use new media tools in the classroom, and more this summer!
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We know how important it is to relax and recharge after a long school year, but we also know that many of you use the summer months to learn and grow and improve your craft. Our team of bloggers are going to help you with this mission.

Each week, we'll be adding more tools and tips to help you improve your practice. (So bookmark this page!) If you have any additional suggestions, please log in and post them in the comments below.

Virtual Workshops

New Teacher Boot Camp: Facilitated by Lisa M. Dabbs

The Web Tools Collective Workshop: Facilitated by Eric Brunsell

Innovation Workshop: Facilitated by Andrew Marcinek

Tools and Resources

Project-Based Learning Social and Emotional Learning Brain-Based Learning New Tools to Try Service Learning Blended Learning Literacy More Resources from Edutopia

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Katie Rogerson's picture
Katie Rogerson
Marketing & Outreach Director, Arts Integration Solutions

Arts Integration Solutions and the OMA Foundation offer two 4-day Arts Integration training sessions in the Southwest this summer:
- July 25 - 28, Phoenix
- August 1-4, Tucson

The AiA is four days of discovery and practice that will change your approach to education. Learn to use the ARTS to teach and increase student achievement in math, science, literacy and other academic standards. The AiA training provides 36 hours towards continuing education and Northern Arizona University offers graduate credit for an additional fee.

For more information and to register, please visit or call (520) 309-5858.

Susan Buckey's picture
Susan Buckey
Senior Outreach Project Director, WGBH

If you're looking to gain some insight on how to lead science and engineering activities with kids in elementary and middle school, here are three FREE online trainings that you can take whenever you have a spare hour or two. All of the trainings include a slide show of an adult leading kids in an activity and handouts that you can print and use as reference the next time you lead an activity with kids. Enjoy! Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions...

1) Design Squad Nation Online Workshop - - this workshop will help you introduce kids to the design process that engineers use.

2) FETCH! Hands-on Science Training - - pick up tips for asking open-ended questions as kids explore science.

3) ZOOMsci Training - - more training for those interested in leading science activities with kids.

Anita Harris's picture
Anita Harris
Instructional Technology Specialist for Sussex County Public Schools

Thanks Edutopia and contributors for offering such wonderful PD and also a special thanks to those who commented with additional resources. This is what I love the most about education...sharing! Follow me on Twitter @iTechSpec and let's continue the sharing on my iTechSpec Wiki Professional Development page! Thanks!

Susan Riley's picture
Susan Riley
Arts Integration Specialist

Don't forget to check out Connectivity: A Virtual Arts Integration Conference on July 31st! With presentations by Arts Integration experts from around the country, a complimentary book and access to a members-only community, this completely online conference will excite and inspire you to implement Arts Integration. Spaces are limited and filling quickly. Visit for more details and to register.

Luis Doporto Alejandre's picture
Luis Doporto Alejandre
Keep Calm and Live Life to the Fullest

This kind of activity is great for development. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing this great blog.

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