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Project Learning: Teachers Discuss the Daily Challenges

A team of eighth-grade teachers compares notes on the trials and rewards of working together on project-based "expeditionary" learning.

    Teacher and School Planning Guides:

    Rubric: Buck Institute for Education Planning Template ( 261K)

    Form: Casco Bay - Expedition Planning Template ( 568K)

    Guidelines: Casco Bay - High School Expedition Guidelines ( 568K)

    Rubric: Casco Bay - Making Meaning: Critical Thinking & Reading Strategies ( 568K)

    Sample Teacher Schedule from King Middle School (From Edutopia article, Sample Teacher Schedule for Middle School.) ( 500K)

    Rubric: King Middle School Six Steps to Planning a Successful Project ( 80K)

    Graphic: Audio Recording Tips ( 1.1MB)

    Chart: Evolution of Project Learning at King Middle School (1988 - 2007) ( 240K)

    Graphic: Tips for Taking Photos


    Professional Development:

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