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Family Engagement

Teachers, administrators, and other school personnel will find relevant and valuable tools and resources here for strengthening bonds between schools, families, and communities.

  • Preschool students work on an art project together in class

    Supporting Preschool Families in the Transition to Kindergarten

    Child care via before- and after-school programs is vital for many parents and guardians, and preschool and elementary schools can help them navigate the options.
    Heidi Rosenberg
  • Adult woman on zoom call at home

    Making the Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences During Distance Learning

    Anticipating caregivers’ questions can go a long way toward ensuring that these meetings are productive for everyone involved.
  • Father and young son read book and floor together

    Connecting With Preschoolers’ Families

    Online learning can be particularly tough for pre-K students, but by connecting with their parents, teachers can make it easier.
  • Children playing with pine cones in forest

    Why Learning at Home Should Be More Self-Directed—and Less Structured

    On March 18, 2020, Simone Kern tweeted that simply “recreating schools at home” passes up a golden opportunity to engage kids in authentic, self-directed learning.
  • Young boy does yoga virtual class with laptop at home

    How to Improve Distance Learning for Students With IEPs

    Strategies for parental involvement and synchronous and asynchronous activities can help students with individualized education programs.
  • Taking Charge of Reactions to Everyday Challenges

    Learning to Measure the Size of a Problem

    When elementary students compare the relative importance of a range of problems, they learn to take charge of their reactions.
  • Elementary school teacher conducting a reading lesson through distance learning

    Setting the Stage for a School Year Online

    The digital classroom doesn’t have to be a replica of the traditional classroom. Try these tips for different online instruction.
  • Young boy playing the game Jenga with his mother at home

    7 Tips for Managing Distance Learning in Preschool

    A preschool education director shares what her school is doing to keep kids’ screen time to a minimum while fostering play-based learning at home.
  • An illustration concept of stress and confusion in the brain

    3 Ways to Reduce Stress and Build Connections During Distance Learning

    Remote learning will likely play a role in students’ lives once schools reopen. Here’s how teachers and parents can help kids manage stress, build resilience, and stay connected.
  • Woman working on laptop at home

    Less Jargon, More Grace: Using Language That Parents Understand

    Messages to parents and guardians that are full of acronyms and buzzwords can lead them to miss what teachers are trying to say.
  • Middle school girl at home works on homework.

    5 Keys to Successful Homework Assignments During Remote Learning

    While students and their families are coping with so much, teachers should be mindful to assign only homework that’s truly meaningful.
  • Young family online learning together on a portable computer.

    How to Support Home Learning in Elementary Grades

    A first and second grade teacher shares his home learning plan for his students and how he is engaging their families.
  • An illustration concept of early education children interacting with computers

    Why Teaching Kindergarten Online Is So Very, Very Hard

    Teachers, kindergarteners, and parents are trying to make online learning work—and snow days and other future emergencies will likely mean they have to again. But is it really possible?
  • A child does relaxing breathing activities in a sensory space

    DIY Ways to Meet a Child's Sensory Needs at Home

    Occupational therapists and trauma-informed teachers weigh in on how to create sensory tools and spaces with what you have at home.

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