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Grades K-8 | Chicago, IL

Infographic: The Value of Financial Literacy

Students who learn financial literacy skills gain knowledge that will yield returns well into their future.
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Infographic showing American spending habits. With nearly 20 percent of Americans living beyond their means, education about personal finance is critical. Research indicates that teaching finance to students yields greater money-management skills that car

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Vick's picture

Great infographic... Have shared it on my facebook page. Recently I cam across a great site for teaching financial literacy I think it is a great resource as well.

Fred Koch's picture
Fred Koch
K-8 Technology Coach, Sauganash Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Great infographic, thanks!

I love what Money Savvy Generation ( is doing to help teachers, students, parents and kids with financial literacy.

Be sure to check them out...

Taldrk Nsom's picture
Taldrk Nsom
Super Charter School

That is a great infographic. Unfortunately, there is no mention of risk of savings accounts and investments, only return. That is why I find Prof Dheeriya's Finance for Kidz series most useful, as there is a children's book devoted entirely to risk and return!

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