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Financial Literacy

Invest time in gaining the skills and knowledge to help students make informed, effective financial decisions.

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  • Getting Started Teaching Personal Finance

    Lessons on credit and credit cards, taxes, and how to find an apartment and make the rent are invaluable for high school students.
    Kailen Stover
  • Teaching Students How to Be Smart With Their Money

    When schools teach financial literacy, they help students develop lifelong money management skills—and families benefit too.
  • 10 Free Financial Literacy Games for High School Students

    Students can use games to learn money management and financial decision-making.
  • A Financial Literacy Project Focused on the Future

    A financial literacy project helps high school students plan for the lives they hope to lead through discussions of values and budgets.
  • Games to Teach Financial Literacy

    Andrew Miller, Edutopia's resident advocate for game-based learning, teams up with financial literacy expert Brian Page to look at some friendly, engaging options to promote financial literacy among students.
  • Resources and Downloads for Financial Literacy

    Explore resources and downloads for educators seeking to help students learn financial concepts, practice money management, and build strong financial decision-making and economic-reasoning skills.
  • Elementary Financial Literacy: Lesson Ideas and Resources

    Guest blogger Brian Page, a high school economics teacher, presents three resources for teaching financial literacy to elementary students, including websites by the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability and financier Warren Buffett.
  • Integrated Studies Research Review: Evidence-Based Practices and Programs

    Evidence points to seven key approaches to integrating curricula that have been shown to be effective.
  • What Is Financial Literacy?

    As financial literacy expands beyond balancing a checkbook to include entrepreneurship and investing, schools must begin to define and teach this critical life skill.
  • Infographic: The Value of Financial Literacy

    Students who learn financial literacy skills gain a wealth of knowledge that will yield returns well into their future.
  • 5-Minute Film Festival: We the Economy

    We interact with the economy every day, but how well do we really understand it? This new video series aims to change that, with 20 short films explaining concepts like debt, money, and supply and demand.
  • Revolution, Responsibility, and Football: Teaching Financial Literacy to Middle Schoolers

    In the second installment of this series, guest blogger Brian Page offers three more financial literacy resources, this time focusing on an educational site and two online games to engage middle schoolers in understanding personal finances.
  • Resources and Lesson Plans for Financial Literacy

    Educators from Ariel Community Academy, in Chicago, have provided lesson plans and web resources to help you get started.
  • Finding the Sweet Spot: Creativity, Candy, and Commerce

    Through the design, manufacture, and marketing of their own signature chocolate bars, these middle school students brought curiosity and passion to their STEM learning.
  • Financial Literacy in High School: Necessary and Relevant

    In the third installment of this series, guest blogger Brian Page shares three principles he applies when teaching financial literacy to high school students, and presents additional lesson plans and resources.

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