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Ariel Community Academy

Public, Urban
Grades K-8
Chicago, IL
  • Financial Literacy

    An Early Start on Financial Literacy Pays Off

    Teaching about finance begins in kindergarten at Ariel Community Academy, a public K-8 school on the south side of Chicago, with the goal of helping students develop real-world decision-making skills that will guide them later in life. 
  • Financial Literacy

    Getting an Early Start on Financial Literacy

    A financial-literacy curriculum provides real-world context for learning and helps students directly connect school with their future goals.
  • K-2 Primary

    Infographic: The Value of Financial Literacy

    Students who learn financial literacy skills gain a wealth of knowledge that will yield returns well into their future.
  • Integrated Studies

    Resources and Lesson Plans for Financial Literacy

    Educators from Ariel Community Academy, in Chicago, have provided lesson plans and web resources to help you get started.