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School of the Future by the Numbers

This New York City middle and high school ensures that students learn how to think critically and are assessed in an authentic way.

Credit: Tom LeGoff
SoF students come from all backgrounds. Forty percent qualify for free and reduced lunch, seventeen percent are enrolled in special education, and 98 percent will go on to college.

    The School of the Future (SOF) is a public school in New York City’s bustling Gramercy Park neighborhood.

    Income in the 2009-10 year from grants:
    Approximately $40,000

    Computers for students:
    Five mobile labs with 15-25 laptops plus 30 stationary Mac desktops in a computer lab

    Dedicated collaborative-planning hours:
     - Three hours per week for departmental, grade-level, and special ed/general ed
       collaborative meetings
     - Two hours per month for full staff meetings

    Eighth graders scoring at or above a level 3 (meeting standards or meeting standards with distinction) on the New York State Assessments, 2009:
     - English-language arts: 82%, up from 74% the previous year
     - Math: 94%, up from 84% the previous year

    Building constructed: 1905

    Year Stacy Goldstein became director of the middle school: 2005

    Year John Fanning became director of the high school: 2006

    School Snapshot

    School Of The Future

    Grades 6-8 | New York City, NY
    689 | Public, Urban
    Per Pupil Expenditures
    $5,000 per general ed student per the Fair Student Funding formula.
    Free / Reduced Lunch
    34% White
    26% Hispanic
    20% Black
    18% Asian
    2% English-language learners 17% Individualized education programs

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