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School Of The Future

Public, Urban
Grades 6-8
New York City, NY
  • Assessment

    Comprehensive Assessment: A New York City Success Story

    Through constant investment in the assessment process, both students and teachers strive for true learning at School of the Future, a 6-12 school in Manhattan.
  • Assessment

    Strategic Goals: Formative + Summative = Rigor

    Rigorous expectations yield impressive results at New York's School of the Future, where regular assessments help keep students on track, and teachers strive to tap into students' true interests to bring out their best work.
  • Assessment

    What is "Authentic" Assessment?

    Educators at New York's School of the Future have enjoyed great success at teaching and assessing their students. Both efforts are squarely focused on student understanding of fundamental concepts and real-life learning. Making these efforts relevant and authentic has been the cornerstone of their success.
  • Assessment

    Free Resources and Tools for "Authentic" Assessment

    New York's School of the Future shares their assessment plans and rubrics, classroom projects, schedules, web links, and other resources to help you implement "authentic" assessment today.
  • Assessment

    Authentic Assessment: What You Can Do in 5 minutes, 5 days, 5 months, 5 years . . .

    How you can replicate authentic assessment with the resources and time that you have.
  • Assessment

    How the School of the Future Got It Right

    This New York City middle and high school measures the full range of student ability through formative assessments, presentations, exhibitions, and tests -- and they put a strong focus on "authentic" tasks that are tied to the real world.
  • Assessment

    School of the Future: Q&A with the Principals

    John Fanning and Stacy Goldstein share insight on how you can implement an "authentic" assessment strategy at your school.
  • Assessment

    School of the Future by the Numbers

    This New York City middle and high school ensures that students learn how to think critically and are assessed in an authentic way.
  • Assessment

    Keeping It Relevant and "Authentic"

    Mistakes become learning opportunities in Ben Mook's 7th grade Algebra class. To assess his students, Mook challenges them to solve real life problems, and emphasizes their thought processes over getting the right answers.
  • Assessment

    Thinking Big About Engagement

    Even the smallest concepts become big enough to grasp in this middle school science class, where teacher Rob Olazagasti gives students opportunities to learn by creating, remember by experiencing, and show what they know by teaching.
  • Assessment

    Making Sure They Are Learning

    Sticky notes coalesce into high-level analytical thinking in Sarah Kaufmann's 6th grade humanities class, where complex concepts are broken down into manageable pieces that help students master challenging assignments.

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