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Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men -- Englewood Campus

Charter, Urban
Grades 9-12
Chicago, IL
  • Mental Health

    60-Second Strategy: Snowball Toss

    A quick, fun classroom activity fosters open dialogue while releasing pent-up energy.
  • School Climate

    Urban Prep and the Fight for Black Boys

    With a culture emphasizing respect, responsibility, ritual, and relationships, Chicago's Urban Prep Charter Academy provides young men with a supportive community for learning academic and life skills.
    Tim King
  • College Readiness

    Urban Prep: High School Support Through College

    Urban Prep Charter Academy ensures college success for their alumni through support, resources, and advocacy to help these young men navigate their post-secondary academic careers.
  • School Climate

    Daily Assemblies Build a Positive School Culture

    A daily gathering of all students to celebrate and support their peers forges a strong community.
  • Advisory

    Group Support for Social and Emotional Learning

    SEL classes foster skills that help students navigate high school—and their lives outside of it.
  • College Readiness

    A School Where Every Students Goes to College

    Take a peek at a Title I school that guides every graduate into a four-year college or university.
  • College Readiness

    College Prep: College Acceptance for Every Student

    At Urban Prep Charter Academy, Englewood Campus -- an all-black, all-male Title I school -- 100% of graduates are accepted to a four-year college or university.
  • School Climate

    Daily Assemblies: Deepening Relationships Through Ritual and Recognition

    Students at Urban Prep Charter Academies are celebrated, supported, and empowered through their daily community assembly.
  • Advisory

    Pride Advisory Classes: Social and Emotional Support for Every Student

    "Going to Pride every day does something for me that no academic class can do. It's like a second home." – Deveon, a 12th-grade Urban Prep, Englewood Campus student.