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Symonds Elementary School

Public, Suburban
Grades K-5
Keene, NH
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    The Responsive Classroom: "Why Is Everyone So Nice Here?"

    Through Responsive Classroom practices such as Social Thinking, Symonds Elementary teaches its students daily that who they learn with is as important as what they learn.
    Joan Murphy
  • School Climate

    The Specials: Curriculum Enrichment Builds a Positive School Culture

    Symonds Elementary's music, art, PE, and media teachers weave their practices into the fabric of the community, getting to know each student while enriching the school culture.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Goodbye, Old Bell: Graduating Students Speak From the Heart

    Graduating fifth-grade students reflect on their struggles, growth, and achievements within the positive, caring environment of SEL-based Symonds Elementary School.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Creating a Culture of Trust and Safety in Every Class

    Visit a school that uses morning meetings to develop kids’ social and emotional skills to prep them for learning.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Integrating SEL and Academics in Every Grade

    Social and emotional learning strategies help kids focus on their classes.
  • Arts Integration

    Learning From Their Own Books

    Combining arts with subject area content, bookmaking sparks lasting learning.
  • Arts Integration

    Creating an Artist-in-Residence Program

    An artist-in-residence program can enrich educational experiences schoolwide if adequately understood by the teachers, supported by the administration, and funded by the school community.
  • Arts Integration

    Bookmaking Across Subjects: Making Learning Last Longer

    Taking class projects schoolwide makes learning more fun, more engaging, and more lasting for students.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Social and Emotional Learning: A Schoolwide Approach

    Strategies like mindfulness, emotional regulation, and supportive small groups help Symonds meet the academic and social needs of their students.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    Morning Meetings: Creating a Safe Space for Learning

    At Symonds Elementary, teachers use morning meetings to develop valuable social-emotional skills, create a culture of respect and trust, and prepare students to learn.