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Joan Murphy

M.Ed. - Counseling/Psychology, Elementary School Counselor

I have been the school counselor at Symonds School since 1998 providing a comprehensive school counseling program to students Kindergarten to Grade 5. Individual and group counseling, consultation to families, staff and agencies, coordination of services within the school and outside community and social curriculum instruction are among the services included in Symonds School Counseling Program. Of particular interest to me is our school's integration of the Responsive Classroom approach to learning, Social Thinking ® vocabulary and strategies and the Response to Intervention model to meet the social, emotional and behavioral needs of our students.


  • Social and Emotional Learning

    The Responsive Classroom: "Why Is Everyone So Nice Here?"

    Through Responsive Classroom practices such as Social Thinking, Symonds Elementary teaches its students daily that who they learn with is as important as what they learn.