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Nashville Big Picture High School

Public, Urban
Grades 9-12
Nashville, TN
  • Student Engagement

    4 Student Engagement Tips (From a Student)

    Harley Center shares how relationships, humor, choice, and displaying his work engaged him, plus his three-minute video highlighting student work and personalized learning.
    Harley Center
  • Interest-Based Learning

    Learning Through Internships: Connecting Students' Passions to the Real World

    Explore five ways to adapt internships (from field trips to shadow days), or follow nine steps to make Nashville Big Picture High School's internship program your own.
  • Advisory

    Advisory: Building Relationships for Student Success

    Advisory at Nashville Big Picture High School creates a culture of support, appreciation, and safety for students' academic and social-emotional growth.
  • Advisory

    Advisory: 22 Ways to Build Relationships for Educational Success

    Nashville Big Picture High School shares many ways to build intentional relationships with students -- strategies that can work at schools of any size.
  • Student Voice

    Driving Engagement Through Voice and Choice

    Ideas on how to bring personalized learning into your classroom.
  • Interest-Based Learning

    Real-World Learning With Internships

    See how a training program in high school connects students’ passions to their classroom learning.
  • Student Voice

    Personalized Learning: Enabling Student Voice and Choice Through Projects

    Adapt these six tips to bring personalized learning projects into your classroom and build student engagement.

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