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Hillary Salmons, Executive Director

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Hillary Salmons manages the oversight of the Providence After School Alliance (PASA) and its three strategies -- quality improvement, development of its after-school AfterZones, and building the capacity of the city's recreation centers. She also has primary responsibility for community engagement and fundraising efforts. In July 2003, Salmons joined the alliance that formed Providence's successful after-school programs, the Education Partnership, and subsequently launched the Rhode Island Scholars initiative in four school districts throughout the state.

Previously, Salmons worked with Health & Education Leadership for Providence (HELP), a coalition focused on improving the health and education of the children of Providence. While there, she worked to establish numerous systemic health and education initiatives. She holds a master's degree in public administration from the University of Oklahoma and a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.

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Diane Polonsky's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Hi, Hil: Have wanted to contact you for a long time. Old email address long gone. We now have a RI connection. Jason & Allyson live in East Greenwich. Jason teaches at Brown Med School, works in RI hosp. Kids go to Frenchtown School. Very nice place. Oliver's SF after school organization was so successful that the mayor took him to be the CEO of the SF housing department. Popcorn is better than every. Let us know how the family is. We can surely get together when we visit the kids.

Naoko Nakazato Vincent's picture
Naoko Nakazato Vincent
ESL Teacher in Japan and in the US

Hi Hilary! I just wanted to say Hi to you. Thinking of old friends from RIJapan. I worked for refugeee organization in San Jose after I left Japan (The year we had a Yo-yo Ma concert. I worked for this refugee organization for 3 years. The volunteer work I did at RIJ really was my fond memory. I've been back and forth Japan and the US, but we are going back to Japan next month to live for a while. My e-mail is
Just wanted to say Hi.
I can see you are doing great! That's wonderful!


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