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A boy wearing headphones works at a computer.
Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Can Benefit All Students

Five tools for reading, writing, and time management that can help all students—not just those with learning disabilities.
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Maker Education

Changing Who Gets to Make the World

Two videos provide a glimpse into the learning and personal growth opportunities of designing and building.
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Musical notes flow across a blackboard from a piece of chalk held by a student.
Arts Integration

Music as a Teaching Tool

Incorporating music into almost any class can be a great way to teach content—and it doesn’t take special training or expensive resources.
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An outdoor stage at the author’s school
Arts Integration

Setting the Stage for Arts Integration

A school in Louisiana got a start on developing a standards-aligned, arts-integrated curriculum by building a puppet theater.
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A girl works on a Spanish exercise on a blackboard.
Global Education

Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom

More than 30 exercises to keep your students engaged and learning.
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Neat rows of desks fill a classroom.
Learning Environments

Rebooting Industrial Era Seating

Two educators present ideas for transforming our classrooms to meet the challenges of the future in this excerpt from their new book.
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A student confidently speaks to her class as her teacher smiles in the background.
Brain-Based Learning

Overcoming the Principle of Least Effort

Humans naturally try to get by with minimal work. Here are a few simple ways to push your students to think harder.
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A teacher reads aloud to students.

8 Tips for Teaching With Mentor Texts

Using great writing as a model doesn’t come naturally to students—it’s a skill that needs to be taught.
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Teenage female student stands at a microphone speaking to a crowd.
PBL Planning

Project-Based Learning in Colombia

An American educator reports on how the South American nation is using PBL.
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A young boy is standing in an empty cement building. He's playing with a flying, remote-operated drone.
Technology Integration

Drones Can Be Fun—and Educational

Check out a variety of ways schools might use drones as a teaching tool.
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