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A student sits alone in a stairwell.
Mental Health

Resources for Responding to Trauma and Tragedy

Guidance for supporting students who have experienced trauma or grief and for coping with violence and disasters.
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Smiling young students have a discussion in class.
Teaching Strategies

Ditching the Math Textbook

Using music and seeking out math in the real world are two options to pursue when you set aside your textbook.
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Teacher Wellness

3 Assumptions Teachers Should Avoid

Some assumptions can negatively impact your teaching practice. We have a few tips to combat three common ones.
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A student takes notes in class while standing up.
Teaching Strategies

3 Fun Strategies for Note Taking

Note taking can be active, collaborative, and tailored to each student’s pace—and you can skip the lecture.
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Two girls look at a laptop screen together in class.
Coding in the Classroom

Calling All Learners and Teachers for Hour of Code 2017

An hour of coding is a fun beginner’s experiment for teachers or parents to do with kids—these resources make it easy as well.
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A group of smiling students have a discussion in class.
Teaching Strategies

Rekindling Excitement for Familiar Classes

When the author was assigned a new course, it changed his approach to the old ones as well. He has three takeaways for any teacher.
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A teacher talks to three young students.
Education Equity

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Being open to talking about race helps foster safety and unity in a multicultural classroom. Here are nine tips to help you prepare.
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Teacher Collaboration

A Weekly Morale Boost for Teachers

Sending out bumps—emails with compliments shared among staff—is a simple way to spread positivity and increase teacher efficacy.
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A male teacher assists several students who are smiling and working on their laptops.
Social and Emotional Learning

The Cornerstone of Social and Emotional Learning

You can monitor your school’s SEL progress using these 10 guidelines.
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Young children work on literacy exercises with their teacher.

3 Literacy Practices That Work

A literacy researcher shares three practices that are proven to be effective for early elementary learners.
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