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Teacher Wellness

Don’t Quit: 5 Strategies for Recovering After Your Worst Day Teaching

Use these ideas to recover your sense of self and your joy in teaching.
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Classroom Management

19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies

The year I started teaching seventh- to twelfth-grade English in Minneapolis, Prince launched his song about urban ruin, "Sign o' the Times." That song was an apt musical backdrop for the lives of my students, most of whom lived in poverty and...
Student Engagement

5 Ways to Make Class Discussions More Exciting

Classroom discussions have been a staple of teaching forever, beginning with Socrates. I have taught using discussions, been a student in discussions, and observed other teachers' discussions thousands of times -- at least. Some have been boring,...
An outdoor stage at the author’s school
Arts Integration

Setting the Stage for Arts Integration

A school in Louisiana got a start on developing a standards-aligned, arts-integrated curriculum by building a puppet theater.
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A girl works on a Spanish exercise on a blackboard.
Global Education

Authentic Activities for the World Language Classroom

More than 30 exercises to keep your students engaged and learning.
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Neat rows of desks fill a classroom.
Learning Environments

Rebooting Industrial Era Seating

Two educators present ideas for transforming our classrooms to meet the challenges of the future in this excerpt from their new book.
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A student confidently speaks to her class as her teacher smiles in the background.
Brain-Based Learning

Overcoming the Principle of Least Effort

Humans naturally try to get by with minimal work. Here are a few simple ways to push your students to think harder.
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A teacher reads aloud to students.

8 Tips for Teaching With Mentor Texts

Using great writing as a model doesn’t come naturally to students—it’s a skill that needs to be taught.
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PBL Planning

Project-Based Learning in Colombia

An American educator reports on how the South American nation is using PBL.
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A young boy is standing in an empty cement building. He's playing with a flying, remote-operated drone.
Technology Integration

Drones Can Be Fun—and Educational

Check out a variety of ways schools might use drones as a teaching tool.
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