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A male adult and female adult sit at a table looking at paperwork and a laptop screen.
Education Trends

A Glossary for the Current Education Debate

State and federal officials talk about school choice, but what exactly is it? We define some key terms.
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A boy works on the floor in his class.
Learning Environments

No Grade Is Too Early for Flexible Seating

These students work while standing, kneeling—some of them even sit in chairs.
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Teacher Development

How to Rock That Teaching Job Interview

Tips for finding the right school for you and for nailing that job interview.
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An illustration of the circuits firing in a young person's brain.
Mental Health

Emotional Regulation for Kids With ADHD

Six brain-based strategies to help kids with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder build confidence, engagement, and focus.
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A student works at a desk in front of a whiteboard covered with equations.

Computational Thinking Across the Curriculum

Four of the skills used to solve computer science problems can be applied in other classes as well.
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Two second-grade girls role-play a scenario.
Social and Emotional Learning

Role-Play as an SEL Teaching Tool

Skills connected to social and emotional learning can be taught using situations drawn from students’ lives.
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A student consults with his teacher about a math problem.
Formative Assessment

Using Quick Check-Ins to Measure Student Understanding

Tips for building student choice into your formative assessments.
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A picture of children planting vegetables in a garden.
Lesson Plans

Earth Day: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists, and Classroom Ideas

Resources from around the web for incorporating Earth Day into your class.
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A teacher works with a group of students.
Student Engagement

Sharing the Depth of Knowledge Wheel With Students

Many teachers use Norman Webb’s framework in developing assignments, but it can also be shared with students to help them develop literacy skills.
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Mount Rushmore
Teaching Strategies

You Can’t Cover Everything

Teachers have mandated content to cover, but also seek to develop skills that students will use long after they have forgotten rote facts.
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