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Young girl drinking with one hand and holding a peanut butter sandwich in the other
Student Wellness

Spread the Word About Summer Meals for Students

Not often raised is the issue of summer hunger. For some kids, a break from school means a break from the school meals that they rely on.
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Kids running around the circle of a baseball field
New Teachers

The "Fast and Furious" Homestretch

As the school year wraps up, savor the progress you've made as a teacher and team member, how you've helped others, and how they've helped you.
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Teacher speaking with two older students at a table
Formative Assessment

Starting Student Feedback Loops

A feedback loop is a process of checking for and affirming understanding that is specific, non-evaluative, manageable, and focused on a learning target.
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Social and Emotional Learning

How SEL Can Help Students Gain a Multicultural Perspective

Taking a transformative approach to projects places it in the context of students actively exploring the backgrounds, current status, and necessary social actions related to justice for diverse groups.
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Boy working on computer
Professional Development

Learning to Code Becomes Learning to Learn

Through learning to code, a teacher embraces the growth mindset by asking for help, accepting and exploring failure, and keeping it fun and authentic.
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Boy sitting at end of a couch working on a tablet
Technology Integration

3 Edtech Myths

New edtech might not cure all ills. Beyond being cool and fun, developers, teachers, schools, and parents must consider optimal circumstances and unintended consequences.
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Three boys and a girl standing in front of class doing a presentation
Project-Based Learning

PBL Pilot: Formative Assessment and PBL

Two fifth grade teachers explain how the driving question and the need to know list are a naturally fit for their PBL pilot program.
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Teacher with blow horn and students with raised hands
Differentiated Instruction

Teachers Are in Control: Myth-Busting DI, Part 4

Crafting meaningful choices for students engages them in learning and lightens the teacher's burden of appearing to be in complete control (which rarely works anyway).
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Girl sound asleep at her desk, arms crossed across her books
Student Wellness

How to Keep Classroom Sleepers Awake

If students regularly fall asleep in class, keep them awake and engaged with physical movement and mentally stimulating activities in a well-lit classroom.
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Boy sitting in class, eyes closed, nose wrinkled, sticking his tongue out
Social and Emotional Learning

Sometimes Misbehavior Is Not What It Seems

When Sigmund Freud reportedly said, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar," the key word was "sometimes," because sometimes a cigar is more than a cigar. So it is with understanding misbehavior. Sometimes the reason for misbehavior is very different...
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